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DC EV Charger Controller

DC EV Charger Controller

Technical characteristics

Specifications Model PC-SCC12





System configuration

CPU ARM cortex-M4
Memory 32M SDRAM ,256MnandFlash(options)
Operating system uC/OS
Interface(EVSE) CAN (Baud rate:115200):500K
RS-232/485 Baud rate:115200
PLC HomePlugGreenPHY1.1(HPGP1.1)
CP PWM detection (ADC); Voltage: ±12V(±5%)
Duty cycle:5%(±1%);Frequency: 1KHz(±1%)
Electrical characteristics Input voltage DC9~36V (recommended:12V)
Power consumption 3W
Working conditions Working temperature -25℃~60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~70℃
Mechanical dimensions Size 120mm*90mm*30mm
Weight 120g
This document describes how to use the PC-ADCC-D AC-DC integrated charging pile
controller developed and produced by our company, including hardware interfaces.

PC-ADCC-D type AC and DC integrated charging pile controller meets the European
standard and American standard DIN 70121/ISO-15118 communication protocol, Japanese
standard CHAdeMO communication protocol, meets AC PWM guidance, meets DC module
control, etc. It can be widely used and AC/DC charging pile, easy to realize European and
American standard AC and DC charging.

The PC-ADCC-D charging pile whole pile controller developed by our company adopts the
mode of bottom plate plus core board. The core board implements the DIN 70121/ISO-15118
communication protocol and is equipped with a complete V2G protocol stack, which meets
HomePlug Green PHY 1.1 ( HPGP 1.1) standard PLC (power line communication)
communication requirements.

Realize the Japanese standard CHAdeMO communication protocol,

with a standard extended CAN interface. The backplane expands DIDO, RS232, RS485, CAN,
current and voltage detection, temperature detection and other interfaces to realize the detection
alarm and electrical control of the whole pile

Functional characteristics

1. Meet the PLC AC and DC charging communication requirements of the HPGP.
2. Meet DIN SPEC 70121:2014-12, and meet ISO/IEC 15118-1/2/3 communication
3. Meet the Japanese standard CHAdeMO 1.2 communication protocol.
4. With the CP status monitoring function that meets the IEC 61851-1 standard.
5. With RS-232, RS-485, CAN BUS and other communication interfaces.
6. Cooperate with OCPP-2.0 upper communication controller to realize remote
7. Firmware online upgrade or USB firmware local upgrade.
8. The communication protocol between PC-ADCC-D and the upper OCPP
controller can be customized and developed.
9. 20 relays, used for indicator lights, input and output contactors, electronic lock switches, etc.;


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