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Our Market Advantage

Benefiting from the rapid growth of electric vehicle industry, the EV charging facilities industry will face tremendous development. We PowerCore started EV charging solution researching and development since 2015 and now have full standards to meet different market requirements. The sooner you start the business, the bigger market you will get.

Our Technology Strength

Professional R&D team will be your strong backing!

High stability

Our product sales market exceeds more than 40 countries, and the sales volume reaches tens of thousands.

High protection

We have developed both IP65 and IP54 versions and obtained CE and ETL certificates.


We have strong production capacity, our price will be the best to the agent.

Good after sales

We have a 24-hour customer service online and an independent agent department.

What support can you get?


After becoming an official agent, you will be authorized to become the only distributor in the area.

Consulting Partner


We will place product advertisements in your local area, and all customer inquiries will be given to agents.

Consulting Partner

Technical Support

In the beginning, we will provide technicians with one-to-one guidance. Demonstrate the installation and maintenance of the equipment.

Consulting Partner

Best Price

We only earn a reasonable profit and strive for the profit of the agent.

Consulting Partner

Joint venture

In order to cooperate with the successful bidding, we are willing to establish a joint venture with local distributors.

Consulting Partner

Customer service

Independent customer service department, providing one-to-one customer service full docking related matters

Consulting Partner


We have large processing plants, professional qualifications, and production lines.

Business Partner

Trust is the first step in building cooperation


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Cooperate with us

Welcome to contact us if you have interest in our products or cooperating with us!