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Our DC electric car charger is being used in many gas stations in Thailand...  More
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Oct 2022

NKR ADC ev charge station have in Thailand has officially launched

NKR ADC ev charge station has been installed in Thailand。NKR Commercial Fast DC Charging station are officially put into

KR-ADC:Floor stand fast dc charge station

dc charge station NKR-ADC dc charge station is developed mainly for public commercial use with its modern appearance de

Sep 2022

CE Certificate of AC Charging Station by Nanjing Powercore

CE Certificate of AC Charging Station by Nanjing Powercore

Factory customized 7/22/43kw single/double output ac charge station with OCPP/APP control

  2*7KW-2*43KW Single Gun/Double Guns Floor Stand Commercial AC Charge Station   5inch screen,LED ind

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!