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Our DC electric car charger is being used in many gas stations in Thailand...  More
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Jan 2023


We start the new year's work today.The New Year's work starts today. I hope our customers can work smoothly in t

Holiday Notice

Holiday Notice for our company.

The Torch Hotel BDC 40kw Double Gun Dc Charging Pile Project

In Doha, the capital of Qatar, we cooperated with The Torch Hotel in our BDC 40KW double-gun DC charging pile project. A

Case of charging pile combined with photovoltaic panel

Solar photovoltaic charging pile refers to the use of photovoltaic inverter technology, the low-voltage direct current g

Dec 2022

The customer gave us feedback on the DC charger in snowy days.

The customer gave us feedback on the  DC charger in snowy days.customer said:we want to thank about (warming)on the