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Jan 2022

Four common charging modes of car chargers

With the gradual development of the new energy industry, more and more electric vehicles have appeared on the market. To

Dec 2021

2022 Happy New Year

  2022 is coming, in the new year , all staff of the Nanjing powercore wish you all go well. In the past

Nov 2021

NKR Commercial Fast DC Charger are officially put into use in Thailand Gas Station

NKR Commercial Fast DC Charging station are officially put into use in Thailand. The cooperation project between

Oct 2021

NKR fast dc charger participated in the 34th Bielsko International Energy Exhibition in Poland

The double output floor stand fast dc charger participated in the 34th Bielsko International Energy Exhibition in P

Sep 2021

Honored to cooperate with the leading European bus manufacturers Solaris with fast charge station

Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. is one of the leading European bus and trolleybus manufacturers. Our company is