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Successful trial operation of Thailand PPT charging station hybrid gas station NKR participated in the construction

The new PTT NGV petrol station Kamphaeng Phet 2 branch was launched this week as a pilot station. Nanjing Powercore provides electric vehicle DC fast charging station for NGV gas stations, creating a new experience for NGV station service

Nanjing Powercore is committed to providing support for clean energy such as electric vehicles. Based on the vision of "powering life with future energy and beyond", clean energy will play a greater role in the field of transportation in the future. Therefore, we have partnered with PTT Group to add EV charging stations in conjunction with OR to add more choices for EV users.

At this NGV gas station, 2 chargers in the form of Quick Charge by Nanjing Powercore are installed, among which there is an application "EV Station PluZ", which is convenient for consumers to search, and can also easily reserve charging time, pay and charge at the charging station. View usage history.

Nanjing Powercore will continue to provide environmentally friendly alternative energy sources for service users and the public. At the same time, work with partners to promote the growth of business, society and the environment, creating a more balanced stability than energy in all dimensions