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Our company participated in the Thailand National Grid dc charge station test and successfully completed the test

The State Grid of Thailand (PEA) organized a dc charge station tender test at KMITL (Thailand U.) from January 19 to 21.

All bidding companies: ABB, Siemens, Tritium, Powercore, Star Charge Growatt and Nanjing Powercore are required to bring their chargers to do the tests on site, following are the testing content:
1. OCPP function tests include a smart charging profile.
2. CCS and CHAdeMO Charging Protocol Conformance Test.
3. IEC61851 Conformance test

All chargers are tested one by one and every company has their staffs watch together. All tests are shown on screen real time.

Testing results are PowerCore passed all the above tests successfully first try which every other company failed in different tests. We outperformed those top brands. especially in the OCPP compatibility and function test (including smart charge allocation strategy, appointment charging and OTA firmware updates).  

Furthermore, we exceeded our competitors in the Comemso consistency, interoperability and discharge characteristic curve (not available for Verisco devices, testing is for the impact of the module discharge strategy on the battery) testing.  Our team is very excited about the results that outperform these competitors. We have high confidence to bring the ultimate user experience to the products in remote maintenance functions and human-machine interaction enhancements.