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NKR DC Vehicle Charging Station and AC003+ Winning MUSE Awards

NKR DC Vehicle Charging Station and AC003+ Winning MUSE Awards
Designed to alleviate the inadequacy of EV charging stations in public places, UFC120/160/180 shared charging station is featured as a "safe, convenient, efficient and intuitive".   With higher power density and an ultra-thin body for space saving, more UFC120/160/180s can be laid out than the like products in the same area, so as to make full use of public spaces.


UFC120/160/180 is compatible with 99.5% of EV models, with a dedicated app to facilitate a series of online processes, including locating, reserving and charging.   Through the 32" touch screen on the front and the indicators on both sides and the top, users can distinguish its working status at a glance from a distance for timely re-planning.   Moreover, different UI designs are available for both ordinary users and the disabled to enjoy truly hassle-free operation, which goes beyond the basic functional needs and shows the humanistic care.


UFC120/160/180 is capable of dynamic power distribution, with the current of a single charging cable hitting up to 500A.   Meanwhile, it can conduct real-time monitoring and automatic diagnosis of charging status, and the data will be fed back to the equipment administrator for troubleshooting.   With multiple safety protection functions that meet the international standards, it therefore eliminates any safety hazards during charging.   Another considerate design of UFC120/160/180 is the rotatable swing arms on both sides, which can keep the plug cables orderly in use, make them easier to be dragged out, and ensure safety by keeping the plug cables from touching the ground.


With the advocacy of low carbon travel and the popularization of new energy vehicles (NEVs), the demand of people for vehicle charging stations has been on the rise.  LPC22 home-commercial smart charging station has been designed exactly for this, which aims to ease the problem of insufficient charging stations for NEVs in public places and to innovate a convenient, safe and visualized charging solution for users.