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Warmly celebrate our company won the bid for the gas station project of PTTOR successfully

Last month, with all staff’s unremitting efforts, our company successfully reached a cooperation with Thailand’s largest oil company PTT OR and obtained the qualification to participate in its 2021 and 2022 gas station charging pile laying projects. This time,  about 300 DC fast charging stations will be installed.

NKR fast DC charger which adopted in this project is developed mainly for public commercial use with its modern appearance design and user-friendly operation interface. The modular design and overall output power can be configured arbitrarily function can reduce the drive waiting time, enhance the utilization rate of the charger and also easy to operate and do maintenance. The charger’s charging standard developed from the ISO15118/DIN70121 and with OCPP1.6J. All components come with CE and the SECC controller has been passed the TUV test.


Thank PTTOR for their recognition of our manufacturer's strength and their trust in our products. Our company is the leading manufacturer in charging technology&service of electric vehicles area in China, committed to provide customers with stable and reliable products.

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