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Factory customized 7/22/43kw single/double output ac charge station with OCPP/APP control


2*7KW-2*43KW Single Gun/Double Guns Floor Stand Commercial AC Charge Station


5inch screen,LED indicator,Ethernet,WIFI,4G,OCPP1.6J/OCPP2.0



Electrical Features Rated power Type2:7/22/43kw
Input  Single phase:230V±10%
Three phase:400V±10%
Output Current Type2:7kw-single phase 32A
22kw-three phase 32A
43kw-three phase 64A
Type1:9kw-single phase 40A
Functional Features User Interface Emergency Stop/LED indicator/RFID
RCD Type B:30ma ac and 6ma dc
Safety Features Overvoltage/undervoltage protection, overload protection,
leakage protection, Overcurrent protection
Communication Internet Interface Ethernet(WIFI, 3g/4gLTE as optional)
Working environment Working latitude <2000m
Working temperature -30° C~+55° C
Working humidity 5 %~ 95%
Protection level IP55
Cooling Natural cooling
Safety standards IEC61851-1/2017
Special protection Anti-UV protection