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Warmly celebrate our company successfully completed two projects of ev charge station in Indonesia

Nanjing PowerCore Technology. Co., ltd has always been committed to providing more complete charging solutions for electric vehicles. We started charging standards researching since 2015 and have developed full-standard charging protocls for overseas. 

Prior to this, our company successfully completed two projects of ev charge station in Indonesia, namely the charging solution for Grab Car and the first batch of charging station laying projects for electric buses in Indonesia.

In the cooperation with Grab Car, they adopt the ac charging station. Our ac charger has OCPP communication and other functions, including card recognition and preventing electricity leakage. The product is designed to be simple and light. Wallbox Commercial ac ev charger has two ways of use: portable and hanging. The protection level of the product is IP and the standby power consumption is less than 2W.


In the electric bus charging pile laying project, considering that the application object is electric bus, we adopt the dc fast charging station. NKR dc fast charger is developed mainly for public commercial use with its modern appearance design and user-friendly operation interface. The modular design and overall output power can be configured arbitrarily function can reduce the drive waiting time, enhance the utilization rate of the charger and also easy to operate and do maintenance.


Our company's core products have formed order contracts with many overseas customers, and the core modules of the vehicle end have been customized and developed for many OEMs. We are committed to being the most cost-effective multi-protocol fusion new energy vehicle intelligent charging system solution provider.

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